Thursday, 5 July 2012

Remember I posted about something I saw on TV a while ago?  Where the man runs into his ex- and it takes the ground away from under his feet, even though he's in a happy marriage?
I want a name for that event.

I was reminded of it when I watched Sex and the City part deux on my laptop over my morning coffee (I need noise in the background when I check my email).  Carrie has the love of her life waiting for her in New York, but turns around in an Abu Dhabi spice souk and nearly faints when she sees Aidan (who throughout the series really irritated the crap out of me but for some reason has turned really dishy in his one and a half scenes). They meet for dinner and kiss and she wonders whhhhyyyyyyyy.

If there isn't a name already for this, there ought to be.  I am going to invent one. 

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