Thursday, 4 December 2008


*deleted post.

Much too full of oneself.

Cotton harem pants, pink halter top. Barefoot on the garden steps, painting toenails. Red red red. Frangipani behind ear. Coffee cup steaming nearby. Watching sunrise, cat for company. Silent bluegreen screen of neem trees raintrees ashok trees peepal.

Somewhere in the haze at the back of my mind:
Damn it!! Where is M. when I've got languid-seductress just right?!

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

A Sapling's Plea

Why so impatient?
As a child when I laughed and screamed, I remember you lifting me into the air and throwing me into the clouds
Our joy shouted, screeched, swayed wildly into the sky.
Your branches always sheltered; but they also let light seep right in.
But now:
My roots should have growed deeper, you say
And the wild swaying and sashaying should have stopped
Your branches too large to toss in any wind,
you've grown above storms
but also far, far above me
Can't you see though.
I'm still light green and I still dance in the breeze.
Still free.
Won't you concede your peace just a little bit,
and dance again with me?

Tuesday, 2 December 2008


This evening, I saw I saw:

- Two old friends. With the first one, she's the same, but we have changed. We still loved getting a cup of coffee. With the second, she's different, I'm different, we're different, I love coffee, she hates the stuff but we're soul sisters anyway and she is coming over after work to sit.

- 3 different levels of pink in one sunset: The light of the clouds furthest from the horizon - bleached pink ice against a pale mint sky. Then, the light of silvery fire painting the lower horizon. And much closer, much much closer, the golden flame of fuchsia coloured frangipani constellations clustered amidst thick swathes of shiny emerald leaves.

- My mother and father, sitting at the table, looking tired.

- My reflection in the mirror, looking like I have a long way to go before feeling as tired. So what's my excuse today?! :P

Monday, 1 December 2008


Total cost of food/drink/outings/transport/household expenses for the past one week in India: 0
Total expenditure of emotional energy: ∞

Word(s) of the day

Lost to the English language, I believe, but fondly catalogued at The Phrontistery
Beat a path to it!
aeipathy n : continued passion; an unyielding disease.
filicology n : study of ferns.
inocciduous adj : of a star, never setting.
isangelous adj : equal to the angels.
igniparous adj : bringing forth fire.
ficulnean adj: of fig tree wood; worthless.

Sunday, 30 November 2008

Two(?) solutions(?) to two(?) different(?) problems(?)

We need to consume! Show the bastards they haven't taken away our will to live (read: spend)


Dying of consumption (read: therefore, (we) "must now give way to a renewal of saving and investment. That's the best hope for economic recovery..."

Are these solutions or soothing ointment for a burn?
Are these two different problems or just aspects of the same one?
Are they problems or just natural outcomes of our globalised, interconnected, parochial global village?