Saturday, 21 August 2010

The perfect excuse for bad blogging:
The more eloquently I can describe my life, the more distanced I am from the chaotic ambiguity that I love most about it.

But on a different note, here's the thing:
I've always thought that I love the ambiguity.
I'm discovering that I don't love it unconditionally, by any means.

Perhaps I'm not as immune to conditioning as I'd hoped. Isn't the whole point of the human enterprise to remove ambiguity? From the scale of the couple to the scale of the civilisation, 'success' means that we've locked things down and then systematically removed each and every question mark.
Put up a wall between the civilised and the Wild everything-else.
Definition. Understanding. Prediction. Control.
Engineered Perfection with low probability for disaster or despair.
Isn't that what we try to do, from the lone soul to the species?

And so it is that all of a sudden I find myself asking the Man: Seriously, what is going to become of us. Until I know for sure, I can't be Sure. And if I'm not sure, I can't be here.

To take what at first was the only limitless thing in my life, and then try to wrestle it to the ground with deadlines and contracts: Whose fault will it be when I can no longer fly? And will I mind when I wake up and realise what I've done?

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Denial 101

Sometimes the best way to do something that you think is impossible is to pretend that you're already doing it, and doing it well.


Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Conversations with God.

Will it happen?


"How do you know?"
(I always need to be sure.)

"I know, trust Me."

"How will it happen? There are all these PROBLEMS in the way!"

"That, child, I do not know, only you can know that."

Monday, 16 August 2010

General Observation

People you love will disappoint you.
You will feel bruised and alone.
Someone will come along who makes you think you can tell them everything. They'll appear to have a halo and will be everything you've ever wanted and you can't do without them and you tell them your deepest hopes and wishes.
This is the person who will disappoint you terribly.
You will be bruised and alone.
The people you love will come running as soon as you call.

Lesson learnt:
The people you love will come back.
Don't talk to the overly-sparkly ones who appear when they turn their back. They're the universe's way of turning the pack against the weak and wounded.