Monday, 2 July 2012

Predictably, after a very physical day yesterday, of walking in the sun and the rain, and cycling through the park, and kissing the Man and cooking a beautiful dinner, I've woken up feeling.  And it's not all comfortable.  But when you open up the doors, you should expect everything to come out that has been hidden.
They say exercise 'lifts your mood', and it does.  But I believe its healing effects go much deeper than a simple 'lift'. It opens you up, and cleans you out. 
I found this during my long evenings spent at karate.  Just after the euphoria and just before the calm, steady state I feel after sustained exercise, there's a period of restlessness and then catharsis. After a particularly heavy karate class, I remember going home and sitting in my mother's bathtub, ostensibly showering off before going out dancing, but really just sitting under the water and howling. For no reason and every reason.    
That doesn't always feel good, but at the moment it definitely feels necessary. So, alright. 
I've woken up feeling restless about my 'situation', apropos 'Here V. There, University V. Family-Home', and I've spent the better part of my coffee-time being teary-faced.

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