Saturday, 7 July 2012

The light is doing that typically Essex dance between crystalline sunshine and fast-moving shadow.  There's a seagull calling.  It was raining a while ago, and the leaves of all the trees are damp, and there's a scent of wet earth.  I can feel this calling to me as I type this, and it's intoxicating.  

Yesterday, as we walked home, we stood by a fence we'd never looked over before (aside from fences which are obviously meant to shield people's homes, we are assiduous in peeping over to see what's on the other side).  Under the shade of a beautiful old conifer (which I could not identify, to my shame), there was an old, rambling terraced garden.  With old stone ornaments and a wood pigeon sitting in a young fruit tree and the scent of damp earth and growing things and the dappled light of sunset through leaves.  Essex is full of these tiny wonderlands, and I've found dozens of them when out for walks with the Man.  It's what I love best about walking with him.  Trips to the supermarket have often become rambles through Narnia. We've walked through all weathers, and encountered beautiful little patches of the 'wild' all over Colchester.  

Off to get dressed and take Lizzy out of her shed. 
Have a beautiful Saturday, wherever you are, and whatever the weather. 

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