Tuesday, 28 October 2008

The perpetual student is going to be teaching a class next week.
On the same masters she did.

Points to note, of relevance when the jury's out and she's on tenterhooks:
1. She asked for this. Not in a mystic ask-the-universe kind of way. She took an appointment with the course supervisor and said: IWANTtoteachonthiscourse, please please please.

2. It is a masters course.

3. It is the first time she will teach.

4. She has gaps in her knowledge that you could drive a truck through.

5. Instead of filling these gaps, she is obsessing over the following:

- What to wear
- What colours should be on the powerpoint
- If skin looks simply awful on the day, will they think I'm more adolescent than they are?
- Does simply thinking in this way make me more adolescent than they are?

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