Sunday, 26 October 2008

How to create the perfect writing table

  • Warmth: 1 radiator positioned just under the table. Warms feet, overjoys the heart. Last house had no such luxury as heating.
  • The view: 1 picture window directly in front of the table. It must open ALL the way in the summer, and be firmly shut in the winter: not a molecule of cold is welcome here. With a view of a quiet street (nothing to distract people-watcher type every two minutes), framed with baby blue neighbours' house and deep green vines from the neighbours garden (simplicity itself and all the more genius for it.)
  • The light: 1 street lamp on the other side of the road. When it snows, it'll be like golden rain. When I'm thinking in the dark, it's a warm honey coloured friend who keeps it from getting scary- the darkness within and the darkness without. Warm table lamp with beautiful yellow light, gifted by The Man. Keeps the street light company. Together, the three of us, thinking in the golden dark.
  • The friend: A pot of pink dahlias in the corner of the window. More foliage (are people who are indifferent to the sight of green leaves fundamentally disconnected from life??), more flowers. Something else that breathes, apart from me. Someone else to appreciate the heating.
  • The hardware: One trestle table. Wide enough to be able to push the laptop to the very edge and type with elbows comfortably rested. Long enough that there's space for typing, writing, spreading out books (India After Gandhi, Pride and Prejudice); articles (Ecologically Effective Social Organization as a Requirement for Sustaining Watershed Ecosystems) and rough bits of paper, scrawled on in different coloured inks, splashed with every highlighter I could find in Staples. The perfect height, so I don't have to look down at the screen too much and my feet aren't jammed into the floor. The right chair - Spare, from the dining room table, padded with one pista green cotton cushion from Aldi and one rani pink silk from Mama.
  • Peace, sweet peace and a cup of tea in my Eeyore mug.
  • Food and spine tingling kisses in the next room.

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