Sunday, 19 October 2008


So, I have been cooking up a storm in the kitchen these past few days. As part of major project to achieve multiple, mutually exclusive and singly unattainable goals, namely:
- Improve relationship (via improvement in general nutrition leading to feelings of personal loveliness leading to significant other noting personal loveliness leading to enhanced cuddle sessions leading to further feelings of loveliness and so on, in an upward spiral culminating somewhere in the stars.)

- Improve academic life (via improvement in general nutrition leading to better ability to sit in a chair and do menial earth-shatteringly large data handling and analysis jobs which require physical stamina!!, grit, determination, clenched teeth and nuclear amounts of energy, leading to stratospheric rise through academia and into above-mentioned stars.)

- Improve culinary skills (via improvement in ability to simultaneously cut, chop, blend, simmer sans singes, leading to acquirement (is that a word?) of basic life skill without which shall starve to death if currently used parachutes (mummy, tesco, bus pass, mobile phone) used to procure food all fail at once.)

- Improve general appearance of kitchen, which seems to work best, aesthetically, when in a state of semi-use (read: washing up done, no cooking at present). It is one of those rooms which, sadly, looks bereft and empty-classroom/train station-ish if you do not use it. So for aesthetic reasons, it must be used.

This project has gone exceedingly well so far.
I have cooked 3 meals, 4 breakfasts and miscellaneous toast-on-cheese sessions (not so good for objective number one, I must admit. )

I will be reporting on progress intermittently.

As proof that this project is in fact starting to show some results, I will report on some success in the area of objective 2: I was up, bright eyed and bushy tailed at 5:30 this morning, with the desire to open up laptop and start work!! On a Sunday! At 5:30! I ask you!! (No, it wasn't indigestion. Many many tins of probiotic yoghurt are being generously used to guard against said malaise.)

It appears, however, that I will need something more. Good nutrition might give one the required energy. However, so far, it has been gloriously mis-spent on blogger, facebook and other related peat bogs for the serious academic.

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