Saturday, 25 October 2008

It's good to be alive today

And I think to myself..

It's in the air today; the dance of seasons, that crazy ballet between winter and summer when they're all mixed up and they're sparring, back and forth between the best of both. That buzz of colour, that hint of berries and dying leaves and grass and coldness. The air is crystal clear, there's a wood pigeon cooing in the neighbours hedge. The house on the other side of the street is ice blue. Baby blue. Set off by dark, chestnut bricks that are aglow in the sun. Those leaves that have stayed are greener. Those that are passing are taking the sunshine back into the ground. Another autumn; golden goes to hibernate, ice blue comes out to play. Set off by that chestnut, that deep green, this crystal light.
How lucky I feel.
So lucky that I live two minutes away from:
- The graveyard at the back of the old church, where the trees look a thousand years old, the old stone walls look warm even if there's a chill wind blowing. Where, as I walk by everyday, the blur of wrought iron gates, huge branches, peaceful ivy and old undressed stone makes me feel as if drawing a breath would shatter the peace.

- The town hall, with its honey coloured walls, it's steeple with the bells. It's old, old archways. The angel at the top, wings unfurled. The old men sitting on each corner, looking down at the street.

- The park. With its old castle. The park. Where there is a rainbow right now, of every possible shade of gold.

- The market on Saturdays. Where today, I bought armfuls of: carrots, potatoes, leeks, oranges, a cauliflower, a deeply blushing aubergine, some mangoes. And a dahlia with two full, sunset pink blossoms. "If it gets sick, I'm bringing it back" I said. "I kiss mine every morning, love, that's what they need: just love." I smiled. Such an old, beautiful face. What green eyes! And he was surrounded by blooms and leaves and the scent of the fruit in the stalls opposite him.

And that's just what I felt: just love.
I smiled all the way home. The window is open, and outside is that collage again: forest green and chestnut and crystal and icy blue.

...what a wonderful world...

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