Thursday, 16 October 2008

A list for the next two days.

1. Get over self: You can understand it! In the words of the guy who encouraged my father, decades ago, to pick up that anatomy textbook and study "because if a thousand other donkeys can do it, so can you (I)."
(An aside: this story has been repeated to me so often, that I believe it's lodged itself into my subconscious with the unfortunate result that I now think of a.) Myself as a donkey and b.) A very capable one. Hubris and pride, side by side.)

2. Knock socks off everyone in department by putting together The Folder (story to follow, but don't hold your breath).

3. Stop trying to write sharp, just write. (Note to self: Repeating the F word does not a piece of sharp writing make.)

4. Consistently keep ass in chair and s.t.u.d.y.

5. And on a more prosaic note (I am a nerd, yes, I do not consider No. 4 prosaic) - Clean the god damn house on Saturday. A weekend sitting in a pigsty will do no favours to the comming week.

(Alternativley, since it's now 13:34, No. 1 should read: Get off Blogger.)

Fingers crossed, this post will be all scratched out by Sunday night.

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