Tuesday, 21 October 2008

A loving disclaimer.

A comment:
Much as I love Barack Obama (this is not the post to get into why, and there will be no post justifying the use of the word 'love'), I would like to place on record, that if (when) he wins this general election, I will:
- Be ecstatic (reasons to be outlined in future post, stay tuned)
- Be wildly ecstatic (just who I am)
- Reverse my judgement on the judgement of the American people (electing Bush again?! C'mon, people!!!)
- Start to see glimmers of hope for the world (at the very least, he won't go around talking shit)
- Pray that his calm, silversharp intellect continues to work along the lines it has so far.

I will not, however, start thinking of him as 'the leader of the free world'. Under no circumstances does the land of the free have borders. The land under my feet, at this very minute, wherever on earth I am standing, is the land of the free. With all the reflected light and heat of this election, it's easy to think that we're all basking in the glow of the USofA. Well, we're not. He may be good for the world (and depending on who the he turns out to be, he might even wreck it Baby, wreck it!) but he does not run it. Each of us do. And anywhere there is someone who wants it, there is the land of the free.

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