Friday, 11 April 2008

Now this is a person who does not know how to be consistent when reading the stars. This simply reaffirms my belief that those who are slipshod at astrology should be sued for causing personal distress. Which one of these am I supposed to believe?!

First they say:
April 11:
All necessary information is available if you consult the right sources. It's a great day to try new things, and you've got the energy to make it happen. What has seemed too difficult to you in the past may be achievable today. All the effort you have been putting into a relationship may have been in vain.

And after I hyperventilate about the last sentence for two minutes, I read another section of the same forecast, which says:

Friday, April 11You will be fully aware of the effect of love and of each instant in the interrelationship with your partner. Moments like this cannot be repeated and, without a doubt, constitute a great opportunity to develop and improve your own psychological qualities.

I might be reading this superficially, but the first one immediately suggests that the day will be hopeless or upsetting. The second suggests that I will be spend it holding his hand in the computer lab as we quietly type our way through our respective workloads, meeting on the other side for a glass of wine in the bar around sunset.

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