Wednesday, 9 April 2008


Throw your hands up in praise!

An attachment in an email from the upcoming First Conference:

So I open the conference booklet and find that in amongst the 157 pages outlining the presentations of all The Greats, page 44 belongs to me. My name, affiliation and abstract.
Nice number, 44. Sums to 8 (my personal lucky number, that), multiple of 11 (the only times-table I loved - why can't everything be as intuitive and symmetrical as the 11-times table?) and when you pull it apart by subtraction, you get a perfect 0.

So happy. So bloody terrified. Have 24 hours to prepare, revise and print poster. Goddamn it. To work, to work. Cannot sound like a hack (feel like one at this moment). Cannot sound like a toady. To work, to work.

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