Thursday, 9 October 2008

things on the autumn breeze

  • The trees have begun to turn. Outside my office, in the sunshine (the glorious, glorious sunshine!), there is: a golden tree, an emerald tree and a silver tree. There is a peridot tree set in silver bark (a birch?). But that golden tree puts them all to shame. It is burning, burnished, old gold. With silver bark. Like in Lothl√≥rien. If I could stand under it and banish the sounds of undergraduates, of workmen, of chainsaws (they are building something next door. Even less space for the rabbits next year), I would cry for joy at having found Middle Earth.
  • Near the park, by the mill, in the raging sunset yesterday, there is a tree that is turning left and right at once: green green deep green on some branches, like the brightest days of summer. And deep, deep crimson on others, like a stain, like a heartburst, like a pinprick from the intuition of coming snow.
  • On the grass, tiny yellow daffodils, still.

The summer shines down, yes, but the earth seems to drink it right up, and the honeyness seeps out slowly, slowly, richly, thickly. I want to go out! I want to breathe it in! I want to find someone with whom I can drink in the light of these trees.


richtofen said...

Drinking in the wonderful light sounds good.
Drinking in the dark sounds better, no?

Zareen said...

thursday, pm, tiredity and vellaness:

drinking sounds good. full stop.

richtofen said...

Scotch on the rocks for me. What can I get for you?
May I suggest a Vodka Martini with a dash of wild Sprite?

Zareen said...

I already have a scotch on the rocks :) sometimes he throws me against them for good measure.

at other times, bullzzaye!! vodka martinis. marlboro light in the other hand.

(SOMEONE, remind me why i quit?!)

good to know someone knows!

richtofen said...

Bloody Mary's go well with craggy Scots too.

richtofen said...

Pretty unlike teu-tonic humour from a German sounding name.

richtofen said...

And in happy hours, when they pass out free drinks, they call it Scott-Free.

[Ok! Stop!]

And does anyone remember the famous pact between the Marquis of Bourbon and the Earl of Marlborough?

[Zareen and Tara drag the body away and throw it into the Essex]

I am a corpse... [he thinks as he passes on] A marine corps...

Tara said...

i think, scotty, you'd better make yours a double. tch you lads... turned my poetic mystical post into a ragged drunken slapstick brawl!!
(well done!)