Tuesday, 7 October 2008

A chin-up list

  • It's fall. Leaf-peeping season, wellie season, new coat season, take the bus season. Stay at home with M. and kiss near the radiator season.
  • Meeting with Scuba Shark tomorrow. For those who do not already know, Scuba Shark is my clever-as-pins co-supervisor who has the nasty habit of turning my most poetic, intricate thoughts into an uncertain jelly simply by asking: 'Uh huh, are you sure?'
  • In order to not sound like a complete fool, will have to be up all night preparing. How do you prepare for a meeting that you scheduled because his door was open and he caught you openly envying his newly acquired tan (ah summer! the departing summer!) and you thought you should say something intelligent and professional so you strode in and requested a meeting?
  • A house-guest at the end of this week! We will, we will: Go to the Jazz club up the street, I will, I will, take him to the park, I will I will show off my new hausfrau expertise! My first guest in the new house. Which, thanks for asking, is just purr.fect. But more on that later.

*rolls up sleeves and prepares sharp crisp meeting notes with one hand, does the laundry with the other, and wills the dinner to make itself by just imagining the kitchen. Bring it on!

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