Thursday, 28 June 2012

The recurring P wasn't intentional!

In a break from the utterly maudlin reflections which have been peppering my blog! 
Here are some of the non-maudlin things I've been immersed in over the past few days.   

Pilates!  I've signed up for my first class.  You know how you know you'll like something before you even try it, and when you try it, you really know you knew?  I had/have something like that with Pilates.  I had my first 'taster' session today and oh wow.  If your local gym offers it, I strongly suggest booking yourself in!  I hope to post pictures of washboard abs and serene stretches presently. 

Postcrossing! I came across this utterly randomly (in the manner of all things great about the Internet). Within five minutes of first reading about it, I was signed up and turning my desk over feverishly, looking for the one postcard I knew was on there. Something I intended for a friend but never got around to sending.  A picture of the facade of the Anokhi Museum in Amber. I composed a message, addressed it, and it's sitting next to me now. I absolutely love this idea, for so many reasons!  There's so much magical about it. 

Persimmons.  I discovered these in the local weekday market.  I hadn't tasted them before. Oh my God.  Apparently, they're very, very good for you.  Who cares.  I'm still coasting on the taste. 

I've been luxuriating in all these things over the past few days. 

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