Sunday, 24 June 2012

A man is sharing a beautiful, warm, loving night in bed with his wife, telling her how much he fancies her (this is important: he still fancies her. Stomach flip. Tingly spine. Sparks.) The next day, at a routine day at work, he gets a phonecall from the lobby.
His first love is here to see him, unexpectedly.
She's been in Canada for the last 13 years. No explanation as to why she's back, but she wanted to say hi while she was here.
When she leaves, he walks into the bathroom, thunderstruck, out of breath, calling on Jesus.

[Watch the rest of it here]

Know that feeling?
That little nudge, the sensation of the ground shifting ever so slightly (or not) beneath your feet just when you've hit a good stride on a smooth path?
That little push from the Universe, to remind you, you're not in control of much, puppy.

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