Monday, 3 January 2011

This year, I have no Big plans.
I usually start each year with a bunch of wishes, usually centered around me 'improving myself'. Learning this or that. Giving up this or that. Acquiring this, accepting that, perfecting something else.
Not this year. This year is about Being, not Becoming. I've been using goalposts and milestones as a crutch: 'If I can do that, I will be better. If I am better, things will be better.' Happy distraction at best. Frustration and despair at other times.
No more.
In 2011, I want to just Be.
Whatever I learn, acquire, give up or perfect will arise from events as they happen, and I hope to let them happen (terrifying thought).
That's all as far as personal wishes for 2011 go.

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chicu said...

and so my little sis is all grown up now..