Thursday, 30 December 2010

Hiss Hiss

People bumping you in the street: Not because they're blind or stupid. Just. Because it's easier to bump into someone and shove them in the ribs than it is to take one step to the left or right and getthefuckoutofmyway. Because it's easier to just float around like a zombie. Do you do this?
If so, stop at once, please.

This is a non-issue most times. My blood-pressure has never actually soared on a Mumbai local, and I've never hissed at people in Shivaji Market when they jostle me.
But yesterday, in so-called civilisedistan (read, Colchester market) I felt physical rage when someone walked blithely into me - and smack into my broken elbow. (Okay, I wasn't wearing my sling. But I was holding my hand up with a nakedly pained expression on my face.)

(In other news: I broke my elbow on the ice and sprained my wrist and pulled my shoulder and caught a cold. So add these two things to the list of Things That Are Making Me Ill With Irritation: Colchester Borough Councils' apparent lack of grit, and fucking wintertime)

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