Friday, 16 July 2010

Tiny things.

  • When I woke up this morning, there was a cup of hot coffee by my side as soon as I squeaked, coffeeeee.
  • On the computer, freshly downloaded Season 1 of the Secret Diary of a Call Girl. We watched Episode 1 curled up in blankets and crunching loudly on our toast, giggling and kissing.
  • A packet of Oreos were folded up near my laptop to take with me so that I can munch on something during this odious, tedious, damned chapter.
  • And a second cup of coffee was steaming on my dressing table to keep me company whilst I did my make up.

It's always the small things he does that shows me how he out-classes almost everyone else I know, myself included. There's thoughtfulness, finesse, care, of a quality and consistency that is only just about matched by one or two other people in my life. And on the edges, the roughness of his cheeks in the morning and the tightness of his hug at the door. Those are unmatched by anyone, past or present.

(Yes, of course you are excused if you have to go and vomit.)

Thank you, God, thank you thank you thank you.