Thursday, 9 April 2009


Of course, it was all wonderfully heady and there was lust dripping from our pores but really, he should have been a butcher for all the care he took with that tsunami-heart.

If it's not clear, teddy, or pooh, or whatever the fuck I used to call you, I'll it say it again and shorter this time:
Fuck off off my facebook page, you 12-years-of-silence-jerk (yay, I'm old enough to say that to you now and I understand exactly what I mean.)
Go join an abattoir for shredded women and make your calling into a full time career. Bastard.

I couldn't possibly write this in a message to him, could I? If I reply he'll be able to see my whole profile. Do I want that? Who knows.


richtofen said...

Let him be.
On another track:
If our paths ever cross, can we go out drinking? I have three eyes and warts on my nose, and can drink any mortal under the table - as long as it is scotch :-D

Zareen said...
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Tara said...

you betcha we can go drinking! i have just two eyes, but i match your wart with a freckle on the tip of my nose and i too can hold my drink, thank you very much!