Thursday, 2 April 2009


The well-examined life leads you to think deeply about lives in general
All thoughts about the outside stem from experiences on the inside
Is your view of the world ultimately half-baked
Is it grounded in a reality more solid than that which observation of others can provide?


On another note:
Pomegranate tree or orange tree: Which is a more sensual one to have outside one's bedroom window?
I'm going a-planting this weekend.

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me said...

tough question..let us consider both:
The orange tree: has leaves that are smooth, glossy and smell (and taste) like oranges in the sun. When short of a breath freshener, the tender leaves can be chewed. The flowers that smell sweet, sweet, sweet. With every breeze, this honey will wash over you. In time, the tree will fruit. The sight of oranges ripening has stirred lust in people from medieval times- check The Arnolfini Marriage for proof.
The pomegranate tree: the leaves are small and glossy green, young leaves are the colour of pomegranate pearls. The flowers are flamboyant orange and pretty. And the lust factor? Well it has been said that the ‘apple’ in the Garden of Eden was actually a pomegranate.

My vote? The orange..excites all the senses..smell, taste, touch, sight