Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Rage --> Petulance --> Silent Temper Tantrum

The Mall with it's plastic trees. And its inelastic idea of happiness. Was where my mother decided, unwisely, to challenge the scowl on my face as we passed Guess: Why do you look so stressed? We're out! Can't you just be cheerful now?!!
I swear to God, I was fine until she said that.

I am sorry to report that ten minutes later, I simply walked away. She said I should just go. I didn't protest. I didn't even feel. I just turned.

I'm sorrier than I can say that this is the result of training. Solid, cold, relentless training. Which I should never have allowed.
But hey, full circle. My mum on the phone, appalled that he said 'JUST GO!' and I went! today told me to JUST GO and I simply turned around and walked away. First I checked I had cab fare home, then I went to Benetton, then to buy some makeup, then got into a cab and just went home and watched a movie. And said a normal Hi!! when she came back.
Full circle.
Thanks mum, thanks M. You've both made a callous bastard out of me.


me said...

eep! big hug

richtofen said...

well behaved women rarely make history
[Laurel Thacher Ulrich]

Callous bastards do so all the time
[Anonymous Bengali Poet of the 21st Century]