Saturday, 26 April 2008

A totally boring personal list.

Away for three months in India. Ostensibly for fieldwork. Scared shitless.
Here is my proposed panacea:

1. Revise Literature Review for PhD.
2. Finish and refine interviews/questionnaires in the first two weeks.
3. Spend off-time in villages reading for said revision of lit. review. This will help both fieldwork and subsequent writing up of the review. Is better when they happen in tandem. Hello, grounded theory.
4. Revise and update Deep Ecology essay.
5. Synthesize all material on revised env. education and write kick ass background paper for Steffen.
6. Develop and write proposal for PhD Env. Studies group at Essex. Uni. and send to highly senior but indulgent member of staff whose blessings (and funds) are sought. Make approval of Oracle the be-all-and-end-all of the exercise.
7. Read research methodology text books. Forget targetted reading. I have no methodological training. Therefore it everything is relevent to read. Period.
8. Read at least 4 non-PhD-related books.
9. Renewed friendships, new friendships. Take both out for coffee at least twice a week. (Except for weeks when I am at study sites, obviously).
10. Make list of background information I might need and rabidly pursue dossier-building.
11. Count down the days to Essex.

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