Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Here's a thought that makes me smile:
My fingertips touch hundreds, maybe thousands of different things every day and I am probably unconscious of most of their sensations. But when they brush against the Man's fingertips, even just in passing, my whole body notices, and my mind  stops. Every time, any time.

I like to think that if there are auras and personal energy fields, you'd be able to see something happening around my fingertips when I touch him. I like to think that on some level, there's an actual sound, like a crackle of electricity, that we make when we touch.

And I think: I've held... how many hands so far, with other men I've loved and been with? Dozens? Hundreds? And it was nice, of course. But it didn't spark my body and stall my mind. And that tells me something.   

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