Saturday, 4 August 2012

Postcrossing: Lviv, Ukraine

So a few days ago I received another Postcrossing postcard, this time from a girl in Lviv, Ukraine. (Pronounced, roughly, as lev-iu on the Wikipedia site and as Le-viv by the BBC). If you're into football, you'll know the city as the host of the Euro 2012. 

I'm not into football, and again, I hadn't heard of it. So I googled.   

I won't try to summarize this incredibly detailed Wikipedia article - it describes what seems to be a really vibrant city! Lonely Planet calls it "mysterious, edgy and architecturally lovely", and says that its citizens boast that it is Ukraine's "least Soviet city" (I'm guessing that's meant to endear it to us) :) 

My postcrossing friend recommends it for coffee.  And since I'm totally addicted to caffeine, this got my attention! She says her city is famous for the best coffee in the world. 
And her city's tourist office appears to agree with her (as does the Ukrainian tourist board). Apparently this is a city where there is nothing more offensive than instant coffee. I HEAR THAT! 
And they host a coffee festival every year! 

Here's a BBC video on coffee, chocolate and beer in the city (though as one commentator pointed out in the comment threads here: I wondered why she is saying thank you in Russian?) 

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