Sunday, 25 December 2011

25th December, 2011

Christmas day, 2011.
My father upped and said he wanted turkey, and commanded my mother to get dressed. They had a five-star turkey in five star restaurant with five star company (well - my sister is on good form in five star restaurants as a rule).
The Man and I, on the other side of the planet, are having turkey too -
500 grams for a fiver, so we'll have to work on making it five star.

2011 is rolling to an end.
I got so thrown, so quickly, into such a deep end, it's taken a while to be able to say that I'm getting just about coming up for air. I find myself talking about it in the past tense. That's how I know.

Soon, we'll be at New Years Eve.
I'm celebrating with the Man and a dear friend, come visiting from Belgium, a long silk skirt and a bottle of champagne.
Whatever you're doing, I hope it's magical.

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