Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Note to Self

Forget the context, write down the lesson:
I am a narcissist, searching only for my reflection to love.

Love as I picture it, Love with a capital L is therefore, at this time, beyond me.


aimay. said...

Hey Tara... got ur comment... thanks for dropping by :)

Im doing ok... here and there.. up and down.. round and round...
sometimes it feels as thought Ive achieved something big.. then it comes crashing down and its like im living a lie. These past few days Ive been feeling like I wanna rip everyone's head off... :(

How are u doing?! Everything ok?!

Tara said...

Hi again, Aimay --
Up and down, round and round sounds like exhausting work... But a word of comfort - I'm sure you'll find your way. Round and round cannot continue forever, but these things (frustratingly) take time, no? At least you're not just throwing up your hands and saying oh I give up!! Keep walking - and I hope it gets better soon.