Saturday, 31 October 2009

Fingers crossed

Forgive the overt superficiality (did I just invent that word, or does it exist?) of this post.
But after ages of not blogging, I am now overly fond of the sound of my own typing (this would be better utilised as an excuse to type up some PhD, but no matter...)

I bought these the day before yesterday.

Technically, reading glasses should fill me with utter dread.
Somehow, these do not.

I saw these and instantly imagined:
Short black nails + scarlet lips + messy hair + dark skinny jeans + boyfriend sweater (blacker than the blackest night) + lashings of pearls.

I might be mistaken utterly, and when they arrive, I might regret not having chosen the staider frames on offer.
But in the event that they do not disappoint, I am looking forward to some seriously Parisian street chic.

Please to wish one luck!

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