Friday, 11 September 2009

Can't explain, but this is the lesson I hope to learn today.

Note to self:
It is absolutely astounding, and completely disgraceful, Miss T., how you readily believe the worst things about yourself without question, without critique, and try to disclaim all the best things away as accident or fluke or a stroke of luck.

What a waste of the 4-point-something billion years of creation that were needed to make you, of the love your parents poured into you hoping something good would come of it, and all the time you spend away from the two people who love you most in world so that you can make something brilliant out of yourself.

And at the end of 27 years of all that, how is it possible that you still think that people are automatically correct when they think the worst about you, and deluded if they think the best?

Stupid kink in Miss T., head that makes her think like that: Correct Thyself! At once and forever!

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chicu said...

aha! finally Miss T. seems to have listened to what her friends have been trying to tell her.
The question is, will this extraordinary clarity last?