Thursday, 12 March 2009

I do not understand

I'm saying that not in the spirit of a lost soul in the forest, plaintive and pathetic. But as concession to the fact that it's the first step on the journey to understand.

I do not understand how:
I can have a fight with the Man, over something so stupid and idiotic and utterly pointless (utterly pointless because we both know that we will never agree on this, but instead of just agreeing to disagree we have a tacit understanding that we will scream each other's brains out and then slam each and every door in the world before going into a sulk with each other for a week).

And then.

I go out and have a lonely but lovely day.
And then.
Meet a friend and have a GORGEOUS evening with her, full of giggles and much mutual understanding and hand holding and spontaneous, loving, utterly enchanting adventures.

And then.
I can walk home in the dark feeling uplifted and smelling the sweet spring air and having a bounce in my step and looking at my own shadow and admiring the beauty of my own legs (:P) and feeling that all is alright with the world.

And then.
I walk into the door and I know he's home and I expect him to mirror that feeling.

There's a black cloud in the room and, suddenly, and, again,
a black cloud around my heart.

I do not understand how this can happen.

1 comment:

me said...

The first step, me thinks, is to know that one does not understand. all else is optional..
and if not going home to the black cloud never crosses one's mind, then all is right with the world, no?