Sunday, 8 February 2009

Promise to self

Dear Self.
I promise.
I will NOT ever try to fit in to get ahead.


Explanation later. I've watched Sex and the City, I've had a glorious afternoon out with a friend, I've walked around drinking coffee and eating croissant in the pale winter sun. And now it's 11 pm and I have yet to prepare for a huge meeting tomorrow that I haven't even started thinking about.
No matter how grown up my house, I fear I am still very much on a studenty schedule.

On another note:
Wearing a man's shirt is surprisingly... I don't know the word. Unbuttoned just so, with a string of (fake) pearls, a tiny black woollen jumper and dark skinny jeans and short boots. I thought boyfriend's shirts were off-limits for reasons of frumpiness. But no, not so frumpy after all. I like immensely.

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