Tuesday, 2 December 2008


This evening, I saw I saw:

- Two old friends. With the first one, she's the same, but we have changed. We still loved getting a cup of coffee. With the second, she's different, I'm different, we're different, I love coffee, she hates the stuff but we're soul sisters anyway and she is coming over after work to sit.

- 3 different levels of pink in one sunset: The light of the clouds furthest from the horizon - bleached pink ice against a pale mint sky. Then, the light of silvery fire painting the lower horizon. And much closer, much much closer, the golden flame of fuchsia coloured frangipani constellations clustered amidst thick swathes of shiny emerald leaves.

- My mother and father, sitting at the table, looking tired.

- My reflection in the mirror, looking like I have a long way to go before feeling as tired. So what's my excuse today?! :P

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