Friday, 4 April 2008

Ma Kassam!!

1. I WILL! learn to enjoy most of each day. Most days.

2. I will not! die before Spring really gets here, as that would defeat the purpose of having lived through the worst of the winter.

3. I will not! fill this blog with self-indulgent and juvenile angst.

4. I will finish every coffee I buy. Seriously. If I love it so much, why can't I go hell for leather, why must I stop sipping halfway?!
(Actually, I know exactly why. This sort of behaviour extends to all manner of things. My ability to actually immerse myself in something and get lost in blissful abandon is inversely proportional to how much pleasure it gives me. But I cannot elaborate on this further, according to Ma Kassam No. 3, above). In similar vein, I will stop being distracted when doing PhD work, stop gazing into space for interminable periods of time, stop avoiding conversations with chaddi-buddies, stop jumping away when lovers touch me.

5. I will use points 1-4, above in a concerted attempt at self-containment. And when it does not work, I will use this blog.

Dua do.

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